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Ethos and Values

At Queen’s Manor Primary School we have a clear vision and a strong set of values, which we are determined to develop in all our children.

Our vision includes:

  • Children who believe in themselves and become ambitious, self-motivated and successful learners
  • Children who are resilient, achieve their potential and grow into responsible and open-minded citizens, prepared for life in the real world

Our aims are to:

  • Provide children with the best possible education and opportunities to enable them to achieve the best they can
  • Foster ambition in all children
  • Ensure that children feel happy and safe in a welcoming and stimulating environment

We are determined to work as a whole school community to develop the following values in our children:

Confidence, kindness, self-belief and belief in others, ambition, honesty, positivity, inclusiveness, pride, empathy, friendship, respect, tolerance, individuality, responsibility, cooperation, global awareness, resilience and creativity.

We do this through:

  • Providing excellent role models within the school community
  • Opportunities for children to develop values through the whole school curriculum
  • Opportunities and experiences in the wider community