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The School Day

Daily Routine: Pupils line up in their classes and are collected from the school playground at 8.55am. Children arriving after 9.00am are marked as late.


8:00am Breakfast Club (contact school office for details)
8:55am School begins – morning registration
9:00am Session 1
10:00am Session 2
11:00am Morning break – snack time
11:15am – 11:30am Assembly Begins (Mon – Thurs: Key Stage assemblies, Fri: whole school assembly begins at 9:10am in the middle hall. Parents are welcome to join us on Fridays)
11:30am Session 3
12:15pm KS1 lunch begins
12:30pm KS2 lunch begins
1:25pm Afternoon registration
1:30pm Session 4
2:30pm – 2:45pm KS1 afternoon break
2:30pm KS2 Session 5
2:45pm KS1 Session 5
3:30pm School finishes. Nursery and Reception parents to collect pupils from their class. Key Stage 1&2 pupils escorted to the front playground. Children must identify their parent/carer to the adult in charge before leaving.
3:30pm Onwards After school clubs are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Places are allocated at the beginning of each term. Queen’s Club after school care is available from 3.30pm – 6.00pm for working parents. Contact the school office for details.